Article Review: Dissociative identity Disorder

Published: 2021-08-04 00:35:06
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Purpose/HypothesisThis study aims to check the dissociative identity disorder in clinical patients. The author used the phenomenological. The use of this approach is to uncover the experiences faced b the individuals under investigation about the specific disorder. The author approach for the patients with DID will help the patients in diagnosing their condition through experiences that disconnect them from reality. The qualitative method will include the shared experience of the patients through promoting questions. (Zeligman, M. et al., 2017)PopulationThere were five patients selected for clinical investigation living with DID. Participants collected with the help of an advertisement because of the phenomenological requirement of the study. They all provided a demonstration of the research and confidentiality terms made with them. The age of the participants with DID was 56, and they were interviewed for their experience about DID in recordings by the researcher. The participants were diagnosed with DID by the psychiatrist and health counsellor. There reported symptoms of post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression and some schizophrenic symptoms in patients as well. (Zeligman, M. et al., 2017)ProcedureThe first step of the analysis involved the collection of data from the participants through demographic questionnaires. The presented surveys had all the required information in the form of age, ethnicity, sexual coordination, and intimacy in a relationship, income, level of education and current occupation status. The second method used on participants was the filling of 28 items in self-report about their daily routine interactions. The score of DES-II test or report fixed on 20 for threshold and above 30 to highly linked with DID. (Zeligman, M. et al., 2017)ResultsThe results of the coding process for parameters like history of the trauma, female and male orientation, identify prospects, the strength of the personal relationships the childhood abuse came out as a cause of the disorder in patient’s history with clear signs of shame, aggression, isolation and phobias. The participant’s gender expectation made them scared of the fact that biologically men are healthy and they cannot ask for emergency help from anyone being a man. The patients observed with multiple alters as multi-sexual individuals. The support from family and close relatives and positive influence as a therapy for patients. They found it useful for improved mental health. (Zeligman, M. et al., 2017)ReferencesZeligman, M. e. (2017). Lived Experiences of Men With Dissociative Identity Disorder. Adultspan Journal, 65-79.

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