Are there different in eating habit between men and women?

Published: 2021-07-20 15:55:05
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IntroductionThere are differences in eating habit between men and women and their eating habit is based on several factors. Studies have found that men tend to eat more compared to women. This study, therefore, intends to investigate the eating habit or pattern between men and women in the society among African society. It will focus on the eating habit and what influence the eating habit of both men and women in the society. It also investigates the number of food men and women eat to determine their habit of eating. In order to present a comprehensive study, the literature review is capture, the methodology of the study, data analysis and comprehensive conclusion.Literature SummarySeveral studies have indicated that eating habit depends on various factors such as gender, age, religion-health status (Leblanc, Louise, & Dodin, 2015, p. 25). Most people monitor their diet in order their weights, as a result of doctors advice due to a health condition, and some to keep fit due to fashion. There are differences in eating behavior between men and women in the society. It is evident that men and women have different traits when it comes to eating habit. Research has established that women tend to be very specific with what they eat, while men could eat anything which comes on their way. Ladies consider a lot of things before they eat certain food which men do not unless an individual under health instruction by a doctor.Mostly, ladies watch their eating habit more than men because of the fear of becoming an overweight which many ladies do not like. Male being muscular eats anything which comes on their way as along it is food just to fulfill their hunger. Most men eat fast and do not consider dieting as much as ladies do on their meal. Men prefer to eat junk food and fish, meat and other kinds of oily food. Most ladies prefer to eat vegetables and fruits because ladies tend to monitor their weight. However, men who eat slowly are considered to be less muscular, therefore, the eating habit between men and women is very different. Research has also established that ladies eat food with fewer or no calories because many of them do not want to add weight (Creek, 2014, p. 14). Ladies are obsessed with their body size, weight and always feel that eating food which contains calories will make them shapeless and obese. It is because most of them are not satisfied with their body size and weight and would want to lose them.The result from a study conducted by GrubHub indicates a different result based on healthy eating. The report indicates that men have a healthy meal in the restaurant compared to ladies (GrubHub, 2018, p. 12). It further indicates that ladies prefer to eat salad and other junk food from the restaurants which have a lot of calories. Analysis of food delivery from GrubHub network shows that most orders are usually placed by women and therefore, women eat a lot of restaurant food than men. The pizza and fries and soda and most ordered by men and women, not men alone. It is, therefore, women and men eat junk food alike but the quantity of junk is what makes the difference. It has been established that men eat a lot of food compared to women (Slim, 2014, p. 5).There are differences between men and women attaining weight loss. Men prefer to lose weight by doing exercise daily and ladies achieve weight loss by dieting and it is the reason ladies eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, and calories foods. However, ladies prefer to lose weight to remain slim and become stylish simply because other people are doing similar. In this regard, the eating between men and women is different and men eat a lot than women. Research has shown that the people who become obese are not only because of poor eating habit but some as a result of genetic. It is common for African Americans and it is the reason there are several obese among African Americans. However, the percentage of obese or overweight is common and growing at a higher rate in the developed countries compared to other developing nations. It is as a result of the poor eating habit of the majority of people from developed countries. Studies have established that people eat a lot of junk food in developed countries compared to other parts of the world (Shiferaw, Linda, & Hillary, 2012, p. 12).MethodologyIn order to complete the research accurately and comprehensive, quantitative and qualitative techniques shall be used to gather data and analyze. The primary research will be conducted from the field where participants were given questionnaires to answer for further analysis. Secondary research involved the use of different literature from the cadmic journals, articles, and books. However, the research will be conducted using Google Scholar, Sage Journal, and library where books and other useful materials were utilized to make sure that the objectives of the study are achieved.ParticipantsThe study conducted in the community of British African where 20 participants answered questions from questionnaires. However, to get good representation which can reflect the view of the society, the participants shall be aged between 17 years to 45years. The selection of the participants shall be based on age, family background, and level of education, gender and marital status as well. The participants were recruited through telephones where they were invited to a community centre where questionnaires and discussion took place.Apparatus or materialsSeveral materials were used to make sure that the research is done and completed within the time required. Therefore, notebooks, laptop, statistic software known as SPSS and excel and pens were used to conduct the research and to make sure the study is completed with the time given.ProceduresThe primary research was conducted through questionnaire whereby participants were given questionnaires to answer and submit. Each participant was expected to answer the questionnaire and submit back for analysis. No participants will be allowed or expected to leave the interview centre with questionnaires to make sure that the information obtained is accurate. First, the participants were grouped based on age, marital status and level of education. This was done to make sure that the information obtained has a good representative of the community (Brian, 2016). Each participant handed over his her questionnaire to the interviewer.However, the secondary data or literature will be done through research using various academic databases such as Google Scholar and Sage. First, a search will be conducted using keywords and the result shall be analyzed to make sure that the best and relevant academic journals and articles are obtained. The first search was subjected to critical analysis based on data publication, qualification of the author and the topic of the article so that only relevant and accurate information is used to complete the study.Data AnalysisThe data shall be analyzed and presented professionally and academically to reflect what has been discovered. The analysis shall be done use statistic and SPSS software or excel. The data analysis shall be based on the observation of the process and the effect.ResultThe result of the study shall be written based on what will be obtained from the data analysis. It shall cover both literature and data analysis from the experiment conducted, and the result shall be presented in an academic format.Ethical IssuesThe ethical issues which shall be considered relates to the way of reported. Report shall be factual and report shall be positive and based on the findings of the study. It is important to report the truth regarding the findings. The data shall be collected without appropriate controls so that detailed information is presented. Failing to report negative shall also be avoided since it is an unethical.RecommendationThe recommendation shall be provided based on the gaps which shall be identified during the study. Further research shall be recommended as well on issues which shall be foundConclusionThe conclusion shall be based on the result obtained from the experiment and the literature analysis.5. Timeline NO/STask CompletedDue Date1Introduction14th April 20182Literature Review22th April 20183Methodology25th April 20184Data Analysis and Result27th April 20185Conclusion and Recommendation30th April 20185Final reviewMay 20186Presentation of final draftMay 2018Bibliography1.Creek, P. (2014). Men And Women Have Different Eating Habits, Study Shows. American Society for Microbiology, 2-45.2. GrubHub. (2018). MEN VS. WOMEN EATING PREFERENCES: Online Ordering Data Reveals Gender, 2-15.3. Leblanc, V., Louise, C., & Dodin, S. (2015). Differences between men and women in dietaryintakes and metabolic profile in response to a 12-week nutritional intervention promoting the Mediterranean diet. Journal of Nutrition Science, 2-34.4. Shiferaw, B., Linda, V., & Hillary, B. (2012). Sex-Based Differences in Food Consumption:Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet) Population Survey. Clinical Infection Disease, 5-35.5. Slim, J. (2014). The difference in eating habits between men and women. Study finds men prefer meat and poultry, women prefer fruits and vegetables, 2-34.

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