Annotated Bibliography on Social Media

Published: 2021-07-28 03:35:07
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Waddell, T. Franklin, and S. Shyam Sundar. “# thisshowsucks! The overpowering influence of negative social media comments on television viewers.” Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media 61.2 (2017): 393-409.Summary The article explains about the negative comments on social media’s influence on the number of viewers on television. The research was conducted by an experiment in which the people who participated were supposed to answer some questions. The positive comments usually support for any show or program, but the negative comments were also undermined perceived bandwagon support for the program. The results expressed that there is a secure connection between the social television and the bandwagon cues.Evaluation This article is written by the two authors who are active in the field of journalism and communications. They have tried to calculate the negative comments impacts on the television programs. It is useful in approximately all the scenarios and explains the risk of adverse remarks on the social media marketing.Reflection According to my perceptions and the personal experience, this study could be helpful in evaluating the best Social Television programs as well as to find the best one among a considerable number by just a calculation of the negative remarks through filtration of a formulae implantation.Framing In reality, this study would only be helpful in the best and worst case scenarios. The answers could be finalized after the existence of content in 24 hours, but the practical result would be on the social media comments which are posted before a month or at least week ago.Sharma, Eva, et al. “Analyzing Ideological Discourse on Social Media: A Case Study of the Abortion Debate.” (2017).SummaryThe case study summarizes that it evaluated the ideological debates on the social media and internet upon a specific and one of the most searched topics, “abortion.” The study was human-centered computing in which the main focused site was Twitter and the socio-cultural practices. They classified the abortion debates into three ideologies in favor, against and neutral arguments. The results found that the most discussed study was against the abortion. EvaluationThe study can be evaluated as the best way to find the current trends of a specific topic, the initial reaction of the common public which is essential for advertisement as well as discussion purposes.ReflectionMy perception about the study is that it is highly helpful and led me to a way which would help me in finding the best paths to find the society’s reactions to a specific conversation. It would help in the protection of our blogs from posting objectionable and racial content.FramingThe abortion is a sensitive topic, and in the real world, its discussion could cause violence against the social media if the trend unintentionally goes against the community which would not be helpful for the internet content according to the protection of rights of material.Weeks, Brian E., Alberto Ardèvol-Abreu, and Homero Gil de Zúñiga. “Online influence? Social media use, opinion leadership, and political persuasion.” International Journal of Public Opinion Research 29.2 (2017): 214-239.Summary The study is about the influence of the internet in different physically existing fields of concern which are still popular without the internet approach. The opinion leaders were highly influential without the social media, but as the social media was introduced, their information about different things started to be questionable for which the study discussed the prosumers as the opinion leaders and their actions on social media. The two wave U.S. panel survey data was used. The results evaluated the theoretical mechanism of the viable personal influence within social media.EvaluationThe study is highly effective in finding the individual participation on social media for introducing a new wave of the idea as well as to perform some persuasion attempt. The calculation would help in evaluating the idea of finding the specific place to place it as content.ReflectionAccording to me this study would be helpful and would be used as a seed for the future researchers in evaluating the political status of the specific area and the strength of any political persuasion.Framing This study is a good attempt for mass communication students to think out of the box for evacuating and understanding the current trends of different social media campaigns.

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