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Published: 2021-07-15 14:25:06
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Advertisement plays an important role in every business. Advertisement provides a clear-cut meaning of what you are providing. Advertisement provides you the best channel to communicate with potential customers. We can inform the customers that which product is available in their area and how it will be useful for them. A good advertisement must possess the qualities like simplicity, convincible, attention seeker, based on truth, educative, and suggestive. The main purpose of an advertisement is always to generate revenue by convincing more people to buy what they are offering. So the advertisement is very crucial for a business.A good advertiser is a person who can convince people to buy the product or invest in the idea. A good advertiser has persuasion power, artistic approach, and detail understanding of product, influential personality, and perceptive and intuitive abilities. A good recruiting advertisement should attract the best human resource to fill the available vacancies. A job advertisement or vacancy alert should be able to appeal the right candidates with the best qualification and excellent work commitment. Job advertisement should mention the job purpose, salary, qualification, experience, and timings to attract the best and keenly interested candidates. Hospitals like Redlands Community Hospital, South Tees Hospitals, and agencies like Aureus Consultancy, meridian nurse recruiter, Sentosa recruiters, Maxim Staffing Solutions, Cirrus Medical staffing and Adex medical Staffing makes some eye-catching nurses recruiting advertisements. These ads convey the proper message of what type of nurse is required and what should be the qualification and experience of a nurse (Oliu, Brusaw, & Alred, 2016-03-04).Company Name HereMemoTo:        Lead RecruiterFrom:CC:Date:    May 10, 2018Re:       Lack of Content in the company’s advertisement            Dear Sir,I hope you are fine. I have researched and reviewed different advertisements of the local hospital, and after comparing them with our ad, I concluded that the published add lacks in conveying the message completely, so that’s why it is not attracting the best possible candidates. The ad should be graphically catching and presentable. It should mention all the perks like salary, overtime, timings, holidays, training, qualification required and specific type of nurse and her role. Best RegardsYou’re NameReferencesOliu, Walter E., Charles T. Brusaw and Gerald J. Alred. Writing That Works: Communicating Effectively on the Job: Communicating Effectively on the Job. Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2016-03-04.

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