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Published: 2021-07-16 01:25:07
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ResponseChimamanda Adichie’s description relates to the nonexperimental research based on the fact that she is focused on the casual relationship on how she warns in the case of the dangers which are only the hearing native in world billions. Her description relates to the research based on the fact that she gives an analysis of her life history right from her homeland, Nigeria. In her review, she provides the breakdown of how her mother described her. In her writing ideas just in her early ages were depicted by the American books and her thoughts is related to the research based on what she wrote on (Adichie, 2009).In her age of 7, she gives the analysis of how her mother was obligated based on the stories that she was reading and her character regarding what she endorsed by then. She provides the depiction of how her life was in her earlier life. She was very convinced that books hurt the hearts of people based on what they are giving the analysis about and the chanters in them. In her description, her mother has a significant impact on how she looks things in to. Her mother is like a mentor giving her another look of the world. There are some challenges that she goes about (03min: 09 sec). She is very eager to know what is there in the world and that makes impacts in her life. To make this realistic, she goes ahead and read about the African books and relates them to the depictions in the different writings (12min:10sec). She has a significant challenge in recognizing what is there in foreign America which brings her to the top of her level of getting to know what she could do to get what she needs. She avoids this more anxiety through believing in her own, doing things is a different way and thinking that one day one time she will be there.ReferenceAdichie, C. (2009). The danger of a single story, TED.TED Talk: The Danger of a Single Story

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